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Your gateway to education is your gateway to education. We have over 20,000 UK school email addresses that you can download today.


Email Marketing Made Simple provides high quality school email lists at a very low cost.

Targeting key decision makers in schools has never been easier or more cost effective. Our list is completely updated every month, to ensure that you have the very latest email data for your campaigns.

The full email register is available for immediate download. Prices start at £39.00.

To help you target your campaigns most effectively, our school email list can be easily sorted and filtered by region.

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Our school email lists are available for immediate download, so you can start your campaign today.


You only pay for the addresses you need. It's the most cost-effective marketing solution available.


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If you're new to education marketing you should have a look at our guide.


We've been marketing to education for 10 years. Here are a few tips we've picked up along the way.